DXM v1.1.21 – August 2021 Release

New feature

Hreflang tag application

  • Hreflang tag application is good SEO practice as it informs Search Engines of alternate versions of similar pages.
  • The Sharing feature will populate the hreflang tags within the HTML so that Search Engines are aware of the alternate pages you have.
  • Each time you set up sharing a Page/Post, the applied hreflang tags will be shown in the list. The one with a green tick will get the html applied to indicate it is an alternate version.
  • You will have the ability to change which page you want to reference as the main alternative for that specific language code.
  • Sharing handles the application for applying the hreflang alternate tags to all shared pages.
  • There is some logic added in case you need to detach and retain the hreflang tags on your detached page
  • More on how to set this up


  • Post Filters widget > enable sorting by Taxonomy
  • Listing Grid widget > enable searching for terms when using Tax Query
  • Accessibility enhancements on various widgets: 
    • Nav Menu
    • Vertical Mega Menu
    • Breadcrumbs
  • Streamline widgets used by customer base
  • SEO > Set specific post types to not get indexed by Search Engines (listings, mega menus, translation previews)
  • Remove settings in Post Type Settings that could impact Sharing ability of the Post Type


  • Sharing > Relations fi