DXM v1.1.30 – May 2022 Release


  • WordPress 5.9.3


  • Translations > Approval mechanism, Email Notifications, Option to suppress sending of URL to Translation Provider, descriptive file names for SDL translations
  • Sharing > Ability to share Engine Listings, ensure Advanced JS/HTML widget head-contents is kept in conditional templates (eg. header templates). Daily process to clear all shares in “ing” status and adjust them to “failed” so that they can be retried the following day
  • Accessibility > Added Accessibility for Image Accordion, Slider and Advanced Filter Box widget
  • Performance > Ability to monitor queries, added indexes to Sharing logs for better performance of pages utilizing hreflang


  • Elementor 3 upgrade > “Edit with Elementor” on front-end view only to be possible for Master post (if shared)
  • When deleting a template > will delete the applicable template from all sites