DXM v1.1.31 – June 2022 Release


  • WordPress 6




  • Advanced Filter box search time improved which means that any page using this widget for search, will perform better once a search / filter has been applied
  • Ability to add WebP images to Media Library (jpeg images were already converted to WebP automatically if uploaded to the Media Library)
  • Product Page queries optimized for improved performance


Platform safeguards

  • Auto restricts new domains (and instance domain) to the Kurtosys VPN IP’s. This will activate the IP Restrictions on the newly created domain to ensure that new domains are not left accessible for all and indexed by Search Engines. It can be set to unrestricted once the domain is ready to go live.



  • Dynamic Share buttons can now contain contextual labels
  • Classic Accordion contains correct tab focuses with closed tabs & is fully keyboard accessible
  • Dynamic image provides correct alt text of image


Allow for custom CSS storage paths across environments, ensuring similar CSS classes do not clash per environment



Elementor 3

  • Ensure The Kurtosys Accordion widget can be edited on templates
  • Various deprecations handled

Sharing > Featured image got corrupted whilst Sharing if the Master page image was uploaded to the post by the featured image option

Elementor widget enhancement > Classic accordion widget button icon center aligned

Restricted content (Salesforce) > Ensure users can access all locked content once they have authenticated and had their details checked and verified on a different locked article.