DXM v1.2.1 – August 2022 Release


  • WordPress 6.0.2
  • Safe SVG 2.0.2 (to resolve CVE-2019-10772 and CVE-2019-18857)




  • Dynamic Authors & Dynamic Tile widget > optimised for front end display to not execute unnecessary Database queries on page view


  • Image accordion > Alt tags for images displayed

Removal of Fast Velocity Minify plugin

  • The FVM Plugin is being completely removed from all DXM instances. This was a planned change where we first had it in a disabled state across all production sites for several months. We are making this change to allow for simpler site setup and architecture, and also to optimise for the type of traffic that we see on the platform. The majority of traffic to client sites on the DXM platform is made over HTTP/2, with less than 10% on older protocols, most of which is automated. We will still bundle platform assets, but the use of HTTP/2 multiplexing reduces the need to do this for all files.



  • Duplicated posts resolved > This would happen when a post was shared to a site where a post with the same slug already existed (independently or from a previous share and detach). When it was shared from the intended Master, it should overwrite the existing post, but instead it created a new post (with the same slug) and hence duplication of the post occurred.


Elementor 3 specific fixes

  • Master Templates > Ensure the option to “Edit Display Conditions” is available for all non-master templates of type “Single” (as Elementor 3 splits the Single type into Single Post and Single Page)
  • Advanced Timeline widget template search (only impacted the backend of this widget)
  • Updated sharing logic for a few widgets to successfully share if used on a page without added media: Dynamic Share button, Post Info, Dynamic Meta, Slides, Icon List
  • Default Kit template > contains the additional setting to set Site name. This was being shared across to other sites when a specific type of update was made to the Default Kit template. We fixed it to ensure the Site-specific settings do not share across to other sites.


Load more widget 

  • Multiple “Load more” widgets can now be placed on the same page without interfering with each other

Replace Media for SVG files 

  • SVG’s weren’t using the prescribed way of updating the URL when updating the SVG file. Adapted to be in line with the other media types.


  • Added ability to translate the built-in Custom post type “Funds”