System Admin

How do I configure my password security settings?

To configure your password security settings navigate to Settings > Clients. Select into the relevant client and click on Authorization on the left side of the screen. On this page you’ll be able to configure Login Settings, Password Settings, Two-factor Authentication Settings and Assurance Messages.

Does Kurtosys support single sign-on?

Yes, Kurtosys supports SSO. You can set up SSO for any external identity provider that uses SAML 2.0.

How do I set up the Data Dictionary

For a detailed guide on how to configure the Data Dictionary, take a look at this Knowledge Base article.

How do I access the Data Dictionary?

The Data Dictionary is found under System Administration.

What is the Data Dictionary and what does it do?

The Data Dictionary is the first step in setting up a Client’s Kurtosys Instance.

It’s where you build the framework or home for the data you will be loading into Kurtosys. Without the Data Dictionary Properties, your data cannot be accepted as the system will not know where to put it. Each of the data values loaded onto Kurtosys will need to be assigned to a Property.