Fund Center

How do I configure the application data and settings?

For a step-by-step guide on how to configure the Fund Center application data and settings, please refer to this knowledge base article.

Do I need to set up Commentaries and Disclaimers to use them in the Fund Center?

Before using Commentary and Disclaimer content in Fund Center there are some setup steps to go through.

  1. In FundPress > Approval Groups, create Approval Group(s) containing users allowed to publish content for the Fund Center.
  2. In Settings > Data Dictionary, create a Commentary type for content to be used on the login page, and add the Approval group created in step 1.
  3. In Settings > Data Dictionary, create Disclaimer types for disclaimers to be used in the Fund Center, and add the Approval group created in step 1.

Commentaries and Disclaimers do not need to be linked to an entity or segmentation list for use in Fund Center. Once set up the Commentaries and Disclaimers can be linked to multiple levels in the Fund Center by adding the commentary/disclaimer type in the appConfig.json file.

How do I create a Fund Center instance for a client in Kurtosys?

  1. Login to Kurtosys App as a Client Admin and navigate to InvestorPress.
  2. (Optional) Select Kurtosys Apps from the section menu to view the template applications available. You may select a template to view (read-only) the default settings.
  3. Select Active Applications from the section menu, then click + in the top bar to create a new Application Instance.

What are the prerequisites to setting up a Fund Center?

  1. The Fund Center Template Application must be deployed to the environment where you will be setting up. It is available in Release and Production, so only mentioned for completeness.
  2. A Client Admin user for the client you are setting up.
  3. An API user with a permanent token for the client you are setting up.

What is a Fund Center?

Kurtosys Fund Center is a client-side JavaScript application that is available as an Application Manager app template within Kurtosys. The Fund Centers we set up for clients are instances of this application template, and so all share the same codebase. Fund Center apps can be configured and styled to match client branding.