Introducing Kurtosys Studio

Kurtosys is pleased to announce advances in the development of Kurtosys Studio – a module that will ultimately allow you to configure apps for your fund website with zero coding knowledge required.

Following the latest Kurtosys release, users with active applications (Fund Centers, Document Portals) will notice that these apps are no longer housed under InvestorPress, but rather under a new tab in the Kurtosys interface, namely Studio.

Once the data schemas for all active apps have been imported into Studio (which will happen in a later release) clients with active apps will have the ability to update their app configurations from within the Studio tab.

You will also soon be able to configure various other fund page components, for example Fund Facts, Fund Commentaries, Key Documents, Fund Managers and Performance Charts, from within Studio using pre-built apps created by Kurtosys.

Ultimately, Studio will provide a platform where customers will have full insight into app configuration and styling and every individual app can be configured through the UI without a single line of code written – enabling zero-code, cost-effective and fast website deliveries.

*Kurtosys Studio is currently still under development, so keep an eye on our Platform News page on to keep on top of new features as they become available.