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Commentary – Global

About this configuration

The Commentary application is used to display specific commentaries per fund, share class, or segmentation. Commentaries such as Investment Objective typically include a heading and a commentary.

Global commentaries are not linked to any single Fund or Share Class and can be embedded anywhere on the customer’s site.

Configuration steps

To create this Commentary configuration will require the following steps:

  1. Create a new Commentary Type [“About Us Global”].
  2. Add some content to the new commentary either via the Kurtosys App UI or via the Kurtosys API endpoints
  3. Download the Configuration and Styles using the button provided above
  4. Paste the Configuration and Styles into your Kurtosys App Client Instance


Data Structure

The Commentary configuration above makes use of a single Commentary Type [“About Us Global”].  Included below is the sample JSON needed to create the Commentary Type and to add data to the Commentary.

Commentary Type

API Endpoint:

Commentary Data

API Endpoint: