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How to edit tool configurations in the Tools Gallery

The Tools Gallery is used to preview components rendered within a defined template such as a factsheet or a product page. This is very useful for internal users and clients to get a good overall view of how components are rendered within a template across multiple environments during project implementations.

The module can be accessed either in Data under the FUND TOOLS section or in Documents under the PRODUCTION section.


How to edit tool configurations

Select the Configuration tab to access the list of templates.

These templates must be added and defined by the user. Each template configuration is unique as per client project requirements.

To add a new configuration, click +.

This will open a form.

To edit the configuration of an existing template, select into the template name.

The Edit Tool Configuration form is divided into 3 main sections.

1. Template Details

These settings ensure that the templates are pointing to the correct layout configuration and render correctly within the required page parameters.

A notable setting within this section is the layout configuration. This ensures that the template is linked to the correct layout configuration for the set of components that will ultimately be viewed in the gallery.

The below example shows us that the Product Pages template is linked to the correct layout configuration – demo_product_page (not demo_factsheet)

The layout configuration needs to be set up in the Layouts module prior to adding a template in the Tools Gallery.

For more information on the layout configuration module take a look at this knowledge base article.

2. Environments

Users need to add client environments in the template configuration in order to render the tools across multiple environments.

The URL points to the client’s specific tool and the structure needs to be consistent with the input variables listed in the next section of the tool configuration form.

3. Input Variables

The input variables are defined variable parameters in the environment url structure and must be added under this section in the tool configuration form.

The below example shows us that {isin} and {culture} are the variable parameters in the tools production url.

It is important that users add ‘Allowed values’ for each input variable.

Once added, the values become available for selection when defining input variables in the tools gallery.