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How to set up Redirects in DXM

How to set up Redirects in DXM

A redirect is a way to send both users and search engines to a different URL from the one they originally requested. You can manage your Redirects within the DXM > Redirects module

Select the site you want to add the Redirect to.

Select the specific Site Instance (Development, Staging or Production).

If there are different domains mapped to the instance, you will see those multiple domains listed underneath the specific instance.

Select the specific domain you need to restrict be add the redirect to, by selecting “edit” next to it.

The Redirects are divided into Exact and Wildcard Redirects

  • Exact – Provide a full URL for the FROM and TO field
  • Wildcard – You can include multiple incoming URL’s into your FROM field by using Regular Expression such as * and keep the trailing path (whatever it may be) using $

Search through the list of all redirects

Add a redirect for a site instance by filling out the “From URL” and “To URL” and then click on the + icon.