How to search for and view a specific Snapshot

91 views June 14, 2018 Leandi Kolver 0

If you have many snapshots available for viewing in the Snapshots module, we have the tools to help you navigate and search for the exact snapshot you need, no matter the content, date or time.


Use the type-ahead search box to search by Input or free text. This will narrow down the list of available Snapshots to display only those that include all the search terms inserted.


Filter your search results by Snapshot set as listed under Configuration.


Once you have isolated a URL for which you want to search for a specific snapshot in time, the easy to use date picker allows you to target a specific date.


Use the thumbnail view at the bottom of the page to look view snapshots by time. Either click a thumbnail to bring it into view or use the arrows icons to the left and the right to change the thumbnail in view.

The page that comes into view in the main preview window is scrollable so that you can see the snapped page in full, as well as downloadable in PDF and html format.



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