How to view and edit layout configurations

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Layouts is a powerful tool which allows the user to configure a set of individual components within a template. This will ultimately reflect the layout of the end product such as a factsheet document or a product page.

Layout configurations are initially set up by the Kurtosys development team during the implementation phase. Each set of configurations are unique as per client project requirements.



The module can be accessed either in FundPress under the Fund Tools section or in DocPress under the Production section.



Layout configuration types essentially represent all layout configurations relating to a specific product such as a fund factsheet, product page or fund explorer.

Users can access the list of all layout configurations for the related product by selecting into the layout config type.

Users can auto filter the list items by specifying the property (see tags in the layout configuration list) in the search bar.

How to view and edit layout configuration details

Select into the layout configuration to view layout details.

All components included in the layout are listed in the panel on the left. Users must select into the individual component in order to edit component details.

Users can add or remove the component from the layout by enabling or disabling the ‘Visible’ switch.

Any changes to layout components can be viewed by selecting the Preview button.

This allows the user to preview the layout within the fund tools gallery.

Add or remove a disclaimer to a component by selecting ‘Edit Disclaimer’.

Users can search and add any disclaimer managed in the FundPress Disclaimers module.

Users must view disclaimer details within the FundPress Disclaimers module.

The disclaimer in the below example has been added to the Performance Chart component within the ‘demo_product_page_ks1319692791’ layout configuration.

The disclaimer details can also be viewed using the layout preview function as highlighted below.

How to publish changes to a layout configuration

Edit layout components and SAVE draft.

Then select PUBLISH.

View published changes by switching to the Published view.

How to view previous versions of a layout configuration

Users can view the configuration audit log by selecting the version history panel.


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