Kurtosys v.1.0.28 – August 2018 Release

Release Date: 10 August 2018



The latest Kurtosys release included password security features to provide flexible settings in line with common InfoSec requirements and standards set by global financial institutions. The Kurtosys platform now gives clients control over password strength and other security practices.

Features in this release include:

Maximum Password Age

The maximum password age feature enables clients to force users to change their passwords after a specified number of days, thus improving password security.

Password Complexity Rules and Validation

Kurtosys now allows users to configure password strength rules to match their internal security policies. Configurable rules include, maximum password length, minimum password length, maximum number, letter and special characters, enforcing both upper and lower case characters as well as restricting the same character used consecutively. Users will be guided during the password creation process so that their passwords meet all criteria.

Bug fixes & enhancements

  • Previously when attempting to download a Zip archive of a single clientCode the pdf file itself would be returned, instead of a zip archive of the item. This has now been rectified and a zipped file will be downloaded when requested.
  • Previously under FundPress > Statistics, a boolean data point would not appear on the user interface (UI) unless editing was enabled. This has been amended and boolean data points will now show an on/off switch on the UI when editing is disabled.
  • Users were previously unable to type in decimal values starting with 0.0 (for example, 0.02) under FundPress Property Data. This has now been rectified and users can enter any decimal value.