Kurtosys v.1.0.29 – September 2018 Release

Release date: 18 September 2018



The latest Kurtosys release includes feature enhancements to improve document security, give you more flexibility when creating commentaries and disclaimers and allow you to edit translations with greater ease.

Features in this release include:

Document Watermark Passwords

We’ve added another layer of complexity to make it difficult for users to edit client documents by enforcing password access when attempting to edit any watermarked pdfs. The password is generated by the system and not exposed to the client.

Commentaries and Disclaimers Hyperlinks

When creating Disclaimers or Commentaries you can now hyperlink words using the WYSIWYG editor in the Disclaimer and Commentaries modules. These hyperlinks will show up anywhere the particular commentary or disclaimer is used.

Data Dictionary Cultures – New Default Property

In the Data Dictionary we have added a culture type called ‘Default’. This is beneficial for the Translations module where the Translations key is an uneditable field. Currently clients mainly use ‘en-GB’ as the key which becomes problematic when there is a need to edit the English word/phrase. This way all languages become editable and Default can remain the key.

In addition to these features the release also included various technical improvements and bug fixes.