Kurtosys v.1.0.30 – October 2018 Release

Release date: 16 October 2018

The latest Kurtosys release includes a user interface (UI) improvement and bug fixes/enhancements.

The following new feature has been added:

Ability to delete document meta upload rules

Users with the correct permissions can now remove document meta upload rules columns in the configuration module. This allows you to remove unused columns and streamline your document upload rules view.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Previously Kurtosys product pages loaded intermittently due to a slow API response.
  • Previously users were unable to set document metadata fields via the API.
  • Users were previously unable to send boolean values as search values to the getfilters API request as as incorrect blank response was returned.
  • Previously when performing a entity search, and asking for translations, it caused a significant decrease in the response time.
  • Users were unable to replace a document if the new document has the same name as the existing document as the ‘save’ button did not activate.
  • Previously client admins had trouble editing some Kurtosys user roles, receiving an error message stating that editing the role was disabled as it had permissions they may not modify.

All of these issues have now been fixed and the features are operating as expected.