Kurtosys v.1.0.31 – December 2018 Release

Release date: 11 December 2018



The latest Kurtosys release comprises enhancements to the Segmentation Lists module that will help you improve the accuracy of your data while saving time.

FundPress Segmentation Lists allows you to group your funds for display. Once set up you can use these segmentations when configuring fund display aspects such as commentaries and disclaimers. You can also use Segmentation Lists to control the fund or share class data that can be shown to different investor groups on your website. Previously Segmentation Lists had to be created manually by adding the relevant funds and share classes to the lists.

This release introduces the ability  to build Segmentation Query Lists that will update dynamically based on your chosen criteria.

There are two types of Segmentation Query Lists to choose from – a standard query or a composite query.

Standard Segmentation Query Lists

Standard Segmentation Query Lists allow you to build a Segmentation List by defining the type of funds or share classes the list should include, based on a range of available properties.

Once the parameters have been defined FundPress will find all the funds that match this criteria and add them to the list. Segmentation Query Lists are dynamic, so they will update automatically as you add or remove funds from FundPress, or if you edit relevant fund information.

Composite Segmentation Query Lists

Composite Query Lists enable you to create a new Segmentation List based on two existing lists. You can create a new list with the common funds between the two existing lists, or a new list that subtracts the entities in an exclusion list, from that of your core list.

Delete Segmentation Lists

In addition, this release also includes the ability to delete segmentation lists you are no longer using.

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • Previously when setting up a new user for a specific Doc Portal instance the email sent to the user to set a new password was not working. This has now been rectified and new users will receive an email with a like that allows them to set a login password for the specific portal.
  • When loading data into FundPress validation is now in place to prevent empty property values e.g. empty strings from being uploaded through the loader.