Kurtosys v1.0.26 – May 2018 Release

Release Date: 9 May 2018

This release to Production has allowed us to sign up users to Kurtosys via Salesforce. We have also managed to alleviate some pain points that implementations, customer success, support and engineering have reported as stories or bugs.

  • Add linked Documents to Document Upload tool in KSAPP – Customers who host their documents in an external repository, but want to serve the document to their customers via DocPress, can now upload the link to the document using our Document Upload tool. This means that the document can now be made available in Fund Tools.
  • Upgraded to latest version of Node – Our Platform has been successfully upgraded to v8.11.1
  • Made the Anchor tag mandatory for Document Meta rules – To ensure that ALL documents that are uploaded to DocPress adhere to Document Meta Rules we have made the Anchor tag defined in the Document Meta Rules mandatory.
  • Salesforce Integration – we have released the main building blocks that will allow us to setup users directly from within Salesforce. We aim to make this product feature fully available to market within the next 2 sprints.
  • Bulk Create Users in Salesforce – Customers who handle their personnel via Salesforce can now access their Salesforce Contacts, select the users they wish to register on KurtosysApp and complete the user setup experience all within Salesforce.
  • Bulk Apply Document Entitlements in Salesforce – If the client has Document Entitlements setup on their Kurtosys Account, they can also apply document entitlements to users directly in Salesforce.