Kurtosys v1.0.33 – March 2019 Release

Release Date: 14 March 2019

The latest Kurtosys release consisted of further enhancements to the DocPress Document Production Center.

Features in this release include:

Document Previews

Clients are now able to preview documents generated in the DocPress Production Center in a preview window. Previously they had to download to desktop in order to view.

Document Generation Count & Run Description

The stats banner at the top of the page in the Document Production Center now includes a document generation count so that clients don’t have to navigate through pages to see if there are documents still generating. It also now includes a run description function. Users can hover over the information icon to get more details on the particular run.

Manifest file in Distribution zip download

When downloading all documents for a specific Distribution type e.g. SFTP. The zipped folder will now include the manifest file according to the client’s customised manifest rules.

Bug fixes & Enhancements

  • Previously some users were receiving the same email from the Document Production Center more than once. This has now been rectified and users will no longer receive duplicate emails.
  • When creating an exception for a document in the Document Production Center, if the item (document/screenshot) attached to the exception had a long filename, users weren’t able to delete or download the attached item. This has now been rectified.
  • Previously when users were downloading documents relating to a particular run, the download spinner would show across all runs and not just the one related to the download. This has now been fixed and if a user clicks away from the workflow they are downloading documents from the download icon will display on all workflows for which documents aren’t being downloaded.
  • Previously some documents were generating even though all the necessary inputs weren’t included. This has now been rectified and documents without the necessary inputs will fail.
  • Previously documents generated in previous runs were not downloadable unless they had been approved. This has now been changed and users will be able to download all documents generated in previous runs.
  • In the case of large runs, users would sometimes receive a timeout error stating that DocPress could not retrieve the documents. This has now been fixed and users are able to successfully download the documents included in large runs into a zip file on their desktop.
  • Previously documents from the DocPress Production Center weren’t distributing to DocPress Document Libraries and SFTP services as expected. This has now been rectified.
  • Prior to this release users were unable to successfully use the ‘select all’ checkbox in the Document Production Center when scrolling down a page. This has now been rectified and users are able to use the ‘select all’ checkbox when scrolling down a page.
  • Error handling and document upload dropdown field validation has been updated to be compatible with the latest version of React.