Kurtosys v1.0.34 – May 2019 Release

Release Date: 14 May 2019



The latest Kurtosys release includes further enhancements to the DocPress Document Production Center and Document Management modules.

Features in this release include:

FundInfo Distribution

All Document Production Center clients can now send their documents directly to FundInfo from within the DocPress Document Production Center.

Production Center Notifications

Participants of the Document Production Center will now receive alerts on all actions relevant to them. The new ‘send notification’ button collates all recent actions into a single email that is sent to the applicable parties. Please note that alerts are not sent for every action taken. They are only sent when triggered.

Alphabetical Dropdown Lists

When editing document meta or uploading a new document’s meta, users will now be presented with an alphabetically ordered list for any fields with Allowed Values or referred values from FundPress.

Download documents using a filename

This feature allows you to create a URL which uses the document filename specified in the Document Management system to download a file.

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • Previously Disclaimers and Commentaries weren’t displaying correctly in the Fund Tools > Layouts document previews for Segmentation Query Lists. This has now been rectified and the correct linked disclaimers are now displaying when previewing documents linked to Segmentation Query Lists.
  • In the Data Dictionary, users previously weren’t presented with the correct format code drop down options when creating or editing timeseries properties. Following this release, users will now see the correct format code options in this instance.
  • Previously document metadata that was mapped to cardinality N fields in the Document Production Center was not transferring to the Document Management module. This has now been rectified and all meta from the Production Center will transfer to the Document Management module.