Kurtosys v1.0.37 – September 2019 Release

Release date: 18 September 2019

The latest Kurtosys release includes a new, rebranded UI and deeper snapshot integration for WordPress sites.

Notable features in this release include:

New User Interface

With this release we’ve made various UX improvements to the platform, including a switch in how we name our modules. 

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The new Kurtosys module names that have now taken effect are:

  • Kurtosys DXM (previously WordPress for Finance): launch financial websites and portals in record time, deliver delightful client experiences with zero coding, avoid costly compliance breaches and reduce your total cost of ownership.
  • Kurtosys Documents (previously DocPress): produce reports and marketing materials in a fraction of the time, drastically lower manpower requirements through automation, mitigate compliance risks with workflows and auditing.
  • Kurtosys Communities (previously InvestorPress): take control and create teams based on your requirements with total security and email notifications.
  • Kurtosys Data (previously FundPress): a single source of data for all your experiences and documents. Avoid multiple costly integrations, ensure data consistency and centralize disparate data workflows in a fully audited environment.
  • Kurtosys Studio: no changes have been made to the Studio module with this release. With Kurtosys Studio you can create complex financial apps and visualizations with zero coding, deliver beautiful client experiences quickly and lower compliance risk by leveraging single source data across DXM and Documents.  

DXM Revisions

This release also comprises deeper snapshot integration for WordPress sites, enhancing your record-keeping procedures and boosting your regulatory compliance.

The main functionality included in the Revisions module includes:

  • Scheduled Snapshots – When enabled, DXM Revisions will take daily, scheduled snapshots of your entire website.
  • Revision History – In addition to taking scheduled screenshots of your webpages, DXM Revisions will also take a snapshot every time a page is created or updated.

*Clients currently using the product page snapshot feature, please note that, as of this release, Snapshots will no longer be located under Kurtosys Data (previously FundPress), instead all Snapshots will be controlled from within the DXM Revisions module.

Document Search Enhancements

Previously users were only able to search for Documents within the Document Hub by Filename (System meta) and Meta defined in the Data Dictionary. As of this release, users can now search by additional System meta, Culture and Title.


System Emails now include Organisation and Username

Previously a number of emails sent from Kurtosys, for example registration emails, did not reference which instance or username the email content is related to.

As of this release, all emails sent from the system are now clear – including both the organisation and username the email pertains to, making it much easier to complete your user setup, especially when you have been added as a user to multiple instances.

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • Previously, within Document Templates, Factsheets could not be updated and saved. This has now been rectified and Factsheet Templates can be updated and saved as expected.
  • Within Kurtosys Documents users were previously unable to scroll to see additional items when using Select Columns – this has now been rectified and users can scroll as expected.