KurtosysApp v1.0.38 – October 2019 Release

Release Date: 30 October 2019

What’s New?

Prod Center F2C & SFTP Distribution – use password or key for SFTP Config

Clients are now able to provide us with SFTP server config details with the choice to use either a password or a private key.

DXM domain management upgrade to allow domains and sub-domains to be mapped to WordPress sub-sites

Previously you could add a domain or subdomains for a site instance and all WordPress sub-sites would be available on that domain:

  • www.clientwebsite.com -> xxxxxxxx-prd.ksysweb.com

Now we are able to map specific domains, sub-domains, and paths to WordPress sub-sites. For example:

  • www.clientwebsite.com -> xxxxxxxx-prd.ksysweb.com/clientwebsite
  • www.clientwebsite.com/blog -> xxxxxxxx-prd.ksysweb.com/blog
  • microsite.clientwebsite.com -> xxxxxxxx-prd.ksysweb.com/microsite
  • www.anotherclientwebsite.com -> xxxxxxxx-prd.ksysweb.com/anotherclientwebsite

This change will allow our clients to most multiple sites using the same instance, allowing for content to be shared between WordPress sub-sites.

Documents retrieve API to support forward slash in value
The following API endpoint should support forward slash in the metaDataValue and fileNamewithout the need to escape the characters: https://help.kurtosys.com/services/documents/retrieve/{authToken}/{metaDataCode} OR filename/{metaDataValue OR fileName}
UpsertTranslations API > Values resetting incorrectly
Expected Result Translation updated through the API and via the UI should be reflecting the changes correctly on both sides. Actual Result Translations are changed but they revert back to the previously set of translation value.
Document Production Center > Distribution to DocPress failing
Expected Result Generated documents should be distributable to DocPress. Actual Result When attempting to distribute documents to DocPress, the loading spinners fire but nothing happens. No errors are logged to the console and the documents do not distribute.