KurtosysApp v1.0.41 – February 2020 Release

Release Date: 25 February 2020

What’s New?



Production Center Analytics

  • Dashboard widgets that visualizes Production Center analytics to help our clients identify bottlenecks in their workflows
    • Workflow Duration
      • Line chart to show the how long workflows took before they were completed.
      • The pie chart shows the average of how long the workflow run took overall to be completed (within the widget configuration).
    • On-Time Workflows by Percentage
      • Bar chart to show which percentage of a workflow was completed on time, and which percentage was late.
      • The pie chart shows an average of how many workflows overall (within the widget configuration) were on time.
      • On time is based on the fact that the workflow run was completed before the target date.
    • Workflow Exception Reasons
      • Bar chart that shows how often a specific Exception Reason was used
    • Workflow Accuracy
      • Bar chart that shows how accurate workflow runs were
      • Pie chart shows an average of the accuracy across all workflows
      • Accuracy is influenced whenever an exception had to be applied to the run
    • Workflow Average Complete
      • Bar chart that shows how many documents of a workflow were completed to the last workflow step being approved within the selected time frame
      • Pie chart shows the average of all the documents that were completed across all the workflows (within the widget configuration)

  1. Download the analytics data within the timeframe set for the widget.
  2. Change settings for the widget. (Type can’t be changed.)
  3. Delete the widget from the dashboard.
  4. Resize the widget.

Global Exception Reasons

  • Exception reasons can be set per client instance, which can now be selected as an exception reason for rejections within a Workflow Run

Distribution Target Date

  • When starting a workflow run the user can now also select a date by which they want the documents distributed.

App skin update

  • An update to the app skin to bring it more in line with the corporate identity
    • A new more monochrome color palette
    • New DM Sans font which is a very close match to Gordita
    • Update to the login page
    • Email template updates


Studio Wizard

  • The Studio Wizard allows you to create a Studio App by using templates the Apps team create
  • The user does not have to use code to create Studio Apps
  • Studio Themes (see below) can be applied, allowing the apps to match branding across the apps in minutes


  • Designers can create themes that match the client’s branding
  • These themes can be reused with different Studio Apps, saving time when creating new apps