KurtosysApp v1.0.49 – July 2020 Release

Release Date: 07 July 2020


What’s New?



Document Meta Data

  • This feature allows the the Document Meta Tags that are set for a Document in the Document Hub to be downloaded as meta data on the Document.
  • Disclaimer: this is working in Production (both UK and US) but something in the Release environment is stripping the meta data on the download of the Document.
  • If the feature is enabled you’ll be able to see the feature in two places when you look at the Document Properties in a PDF viewer:
    • In the Description as Keywords:

    • As meta data in the Custom tab:

  • Steps to enable meta data on the download of Documents from the Document Hub
    1. Go to System Administration (⚙️ icon in top right corner).
    2. Go to Client in the left-hand sidebar.
    3. Select your Client.
    4. You will automatically be directed to the Settings page.
    5. Enable the Enable Apply Meta Data toggle.
    6. Save the configuration.