KurtosysApp v1.1.4 – May 2022 Release

Release Date: May 5, 2022

What’s New?


Data Sets

Datasets allow you to pull data from various Properties across different Entity Types and transform them into almost any output using SQL Light.

You’ll be able to configure multiple Datasets for a Client, and each dataset will have its own data Sources and Queries.

A Source defines which Properties to target from which Entity. Multiple Sources can be configured for each Dataset, which is what allows you to target data from across your Client.

Multiple SQL Light Queries can then be written for your Dataset, pulling from across your different Sources, transforming your data into your required output format.


SFTP Distribution

Folder Suppression

Where a client uses an atypical SFTP service configuration providing SFTP functionality through their own file transfer service, there may be a requirement for the suppression of folder creation on the target path of their SFTP hosts.

Private Key Compatibility

Our workflow document distribution required an update to improve our compatibility with SSH private key formats. The update allows users to configure additional private key formats when configuring their distributions to SFTP servers.