KurtosysApp v1.1.9 – July 2022 Release

Release Date: July 5, 2022

What’s New?


Studio for InDesign

Studio for InDesign combines Kurtosys Data and InDesign’s functionality to build InDesign templates which can be used to produce high quality PDF documents, in bulk, using the Kurtosys Document Production Center.

Create InDesign templates with text, tables and widgets, all driven by data stored with Kurtosys.

Text and tables can easily be styled using InDesign’s Paragraph, Table and Cells Styles, while the overflow is managed seamlessly between InDesign Frames.

Chart based images can be added as widgets, and along with your data driven text and tables, will update with the most recent data when producing documents.

All of this functionality is made capable by our visual programming approach: Flow.

It allows for flexibility when creating templates, and will be the backbone from which we enhance Studio for InDesign going forward.