DXM V1.2.17

Release Notes

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  • Product Page Plugin with 0 funds in segmentation list
    • When you change/update a segmentation list with a seg list that has 0 fund pages, the existing pages should be removed
    • If the segmentation list does not contain fund pages the PPP pages should be deleted
  • Hide Visual filter on Engine
    • This feature is not being used and it is part of us decluttering DXM prior to doing an upgrade to the UI and UX of the platform and relevant functionality in Q4
  • Sharing of Smart Filters
    • You will now be able to share smart filters from your parent site to your child sites

Bug Fixes

  • Remove ability to delete Templates/Posts/Pages that where cloned and don’t contain slugs.
    • Note that we will be removing Template Cloning completely in an upcoming sprint as it is not the best practises way to clone/duplicate templates and it is cause a lot of issues due to user error. Please see the help article below on the proper process on how this should be done.
  • Fixed and Enhanced the issue relating to RWS translations
    • Added the Due by date which is now a required field which will need to be filled in by the user on a per translation basis.
    • A help article can be seen below in regards to the newly added field. It is within the RWS translations documentation.
    • The Due By date is mandatory and you will not be able to publish or save the post/page/template draft until this is filled in.
  • GTM Code Not In the correct location
    • This has been adjusted and is now resolved.

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