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Investment Reporting

  • Add activity logs to template upload and replace
    • This release introduces activity logs for template uploads and replacements in the Layout service, providing an audit trail of template changes with detailed logs that include the document title name. This feature enhances transparency and accountability in template management, making it easier for users and administrators to track and verify template modifications.


Studio for InDesign (SFI)

  • Auto-commit changes
    • An auto-commit feature in the InDesign add-in significantly streamlines the user workflow by automatically committing changes to InDesign documents, eliminating the need for a separate save button within the add-in. This enhancement simplifies document editing, reduces the risk of unsaved work, and ensures seamless integration with existing workflows and template management in SFI.


Studio for Office (SFO)

  • Allow failing service requests to fail document generation
    • This update enhances the document generation process by ensuring that documents fail to generate when critical service requests, such as datasets or queries, are unsuccessful. Previously, documents were generated with missing elements, like tables, due to these failures. Now, failed service requests result in the document generation failing per document.
  • Office Template Preview should display the last modified date
    • The latest update introduces the display of the last modified date for templates in the Office Template Preview. This enhancement, applied to both the Layout service and the UI, allows users to see the modification date on the configuration screen, enhancing template management. This addition aids users in efficiently managing and selecting up-to-date templates, especially in collaborative and dynamic work environments.

Bug Fixes

Kurtosys App

  • Resolved Segmentation List Name Length Restriction Issue
    • A bug affecting the creation of commentaries and disclaimers for segmentation lists with names between 33 and 64 characters has been fixed. The maximum character limit for segmentation list names is now set to 64, with UI validation added to enforce this limit. This update allows for the error-free creation of disclaimers and commentaries linked to these lists, enhancing system usability and flexibility in handling longer segmentation list names. The overall functionality of disclaimers and commentaries remains unchanged and effective.


Investment Reporting

Studio for InDesign (SFI)

  • Image Element > Image Storage Broken
    • We've resolved a bug that caused image storage failures in SFI when setting up Image Element nodes, due to the FileStorageService not being found in the context. Our team has integrated the FileStorageService into the Medley context, ensuring proper image storage functionality. This update significantly improves the reliability of Image Element node operations within SFI workflows.
  • Components > Client Components are no longer available after sync
    • A bug in SFI causing 'Client Components' to disappear after a sync operation in InDesign has been fixed. Users experienced an issue where these components were visible initially but became inaccessible post-sync. The resolution ensures that 'Client Components' remain consistently visible and usable in user workflows, even after syncing. This fix enhances the reliability of SFI within InDesign, ensuring a smoother user experience for those relying on client components.


Studio for Office (SFO)

  • Disclaimers/commentaries do not change in a document based on input
    • This release addresses a bug in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel where disclaimers or commentaries added through SFO did not update according to input cultures, always showing the default version instead. The fix now ensures that these elements dynamically change based on the selected input culture, or default to the document culture if no input is provided.


Studio for Excel (SFE)

  • Table wizard does not navigate to the table layout when the Date input value has changed
    • This release resolves a bug in the SFE plugin where date inputs, initially entered in the "YYYY-MM-DD" format, were automatically updated to a longer timestamp format, hindering navigation in the table wizard. The fix ensures that the date retains its original format across various user actions, including logouts, session timeouts, and when reopening saved documents. This improvement eliminates the need for manual corrections, enhancing the user experience and efficiency in managing date inputs within SFE workflows.

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