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Kurtosys App

Get Inputs from Dynamic Data Configuration in Office Templates

  • The Office Templates workflow has been improved to fetch document inputs from dynamic data configurations in the database, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. This update allows special pasted table data and data points in documents, particularly in multi-template PowerPoint workflows, to automatically update according to set configurations. Additionally, it ensures that documents generate correctly with new inputs after a template replacement, eliminating the need to restart workflows. This enhancement streamlines the document generation process, making it more user-friendly and adaptable to changing data needs.


Add Order to Data Drop-Down Selector

  • The data selector dropdowns in the app for Statistics, Timeseries, Allocations, and similar sections now feature a fixed sorting order, enhancing user experience and consistency. This update, which includes Allocations, Statistics, Timeseries, Historical Datasets, and Transactions endpoints, allows users to sort datasets by attributes like 'code', 'label', and 'description'. Implemented as a backwards-compatible change, it offers sorting through standard directives, ensuring datasets remain in a fixed order unless a specific sorting key is not provided, in which case the default random order prevails. This enhancement simplifies navigation and reduces confusion during data selection.


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Studio for InDesign (SFI)

Ability to use SVG & GIF in SFI

  • This update ensures JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG images can be successfully integrated into SFI documents, accommodating a variety of image sizes, and significantly improving the versatility and visual capabilities of SFI in document design and production.

Bug Fixes

Kurtosys App

Distribution failures due to timeouts

  • To address distribution failures in client instances due to lambda invocation timeouts, a hotfix has been implemented, extending the timeout for synchronous zip lambda invocations and enhancing error logging and workflow handling. The successful distribution of large document batches to an SFTP server without timeout errors has been confirmed, even with encryption enabled. Immediate actions also include detailed logging and clearing old failure reasons, with future plans to shift to asynchronous lambda execution and improve process efficiencies. This update significantly enhances the reliability and efficiency of large-scale document distributions in client instances.


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Studio for InDesign (SFI)

SFI Meta Data issue in factsheets

  • A bug in SFI causing commas in data to be replaced with semi-colons in the File Info node has been fixed. The resolution introduces the ability to pass arrays directly into the FileInfo node's keywords port, allowing for more precise data control and maintaining backward compatibility. This update enhances data accuracy and user control in SFI, particularly beneficial for scenarios where punctuation plays a crucial role in data interpretation.


Studio for Excel (SFE)

Column widths adjust to auto width (best fit) after the document syncs

  • In SFE, a bug causing column widths to auto-adjust to the best fit after syncing or changing tables has been fixed by disabling the auto-fit feature. This resolution maintains the user-set column widths consistently across various operations, including updating data, adding new tables, and reloading. This update is particularly valuable for clients with precise layout requirements in their Excel documents.


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