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Investment Reporting

Workflow > Stop hiding error message in Step Functions

  • A feature enhancement has been made to improve error message transparency for SFO and SFI step functions in AWS. Previously, generic error messages obscured the specific reasons behind document generation failures. With this update, users will now receive underlying error messages from AWS, making it easier for them to identify and troubleshoot issues in their workflows. This enhancement specifically benefits SFO and SFI users, enhancing their workflow management and reducing the time spent on diagnosing and rectifying problems during document generation.


Studio for Office (SFO)

SFO > Template Upload Speed

  • In this release, we have tackled the challenge of uploading large PowerPoint presentations within SFO, where users frequently encountered gateway timeout exceptions. We have optimized the "onGotAllSlides" method to alleviate one code bottleneck contributing to the issue. However, recognizing that other factors may also be at play, this improvement's objective is to conduct a comprehensive investigation to identify all potential contributors to upload failures due to gateway timeouts. A baseline test has been conducted for performance metrics, assuming that changes will be made in this ticket to address the problem. The primary testing focus is to ensure that users can successfully upload PowerPoint documents, including larger ones, without experiencing gateway timeout issues, ultimately improving the reliability of the upload process in SFO.


PowerPoint Tables > Table Dimensions

  • In this release, we've investigated and addressed an issue related to table dimensions when copying tables from Excel into PowerPoint. Previously, table dimensions remained fixed, causing problems when tables needed to adjust their size during document generation. With this update, we've improved flexibility by allowing tables to automatically shrink when generated with fewer rows and expand within slide constraints if the number of rows increases, enhancing the user experience and streamlining the process of importing and presenting data from Excel to PowerPoint. Testing has been conducted to ensure expected outcomes, error-free operation, and successful generation of PowerPoint documents within specified areas.


Studio for InDesign (SFI)

SFI > Auto Document Context

  • This SFI improvement involves the implementation of automatic synchronization between the SFI configuration stored in a document and the SFI plugin, eliminating the need for a manual sync button. This feature ensures that when users switch between InDesign document tabs, the SFI plugin updates to reflect the configuration stored on the selected document, enhancing user efficiency and workflow management. Extensive testing has been performed to validate the reliable persistence of changes during workflow generation, and results confirm the smooth operation of this enhancement, including successful document edits, uploads, generation, and handling of time-out scenarios.


SFI > Export Function > Add loader for larger export files

  • This change is centred on improving the SFI export functionality, with a specific emphasis on handling larger files. It effectively tackles prior concerns related to performance slowdowns and unresponsiveness. Users now enjoy the capability to effortlessly open templates and seamlessly export substantial files in formats including PNG, JSON, and SVG. Notably, these enhancements deliver faster load times for save paths and a marked elimination of unresponsiveness during the export procedure. These refinements are dedicated to ensuring a notably enhanced, smoother, and more efficient export experience for users when dealing with larger files in SFI.

Bug Fixes

Kurtosys App

Data Adapters > Dataset Sources > Faceted search displays options that are not available for selection in datasets

  • This bug fix addresses an issue in the Data Adapters section, where the faceted search functionality was erroneously displaying options that were not available for selection in datasets. The bug has been successfully resolved, aligning the search functionality with what is already in production and ensuring that only available options are displayed for selection within Dataset Sources in Data Adapters. Additionally, a mandatory description field has been introduced when creating data adapters to enhance completeness in the data adapter creation process.


Investment Reporting

Studio for InDesign (SFI)

SFI > Export Function > Inputs and Variable appear to be removed when imported

  • This bug fix addresses an issue in SFI where exporting templates in formats like PNG, SVG, or JSON was causing the removal of inputs and variables from the exported file, which resulted in them not displaying when imported back onto the original template. This behaviour was inconsistent with user expectations. Following rigorous testing, the bug has been successfully resolved, ensuring that inputs and variables are now preserved when importing exported templates in SFI. This fix aligns with user expectations, providing a more seamless experience when working with exported templates and ensuring that inputs and variables remain intact during the import process.


Studio for Excel (SFE)

SFE > Alerts on existing tables when completing a new table

  • This bug fix addresses an issue in SFE where the addition of new tables was triggering alerts on existing tables, with these alerts disappearing upon synchronization. The bug was found to be inconsistent, with alerts appearing on some existing tables but not others. Extensive testing has confirmed the resolution of the problem, ensuring that alerts are no longer displayed when creating new local or shared tables, unless they are valid alerts. Synchronization now only retains valid alerts, and users can edit and save valid alerts as expected. This fix ensures a smoother and more accurate experience when working with tables in SFE.



Studio > Upgrades > Fetch new version configuration and styles

  • This bug fix addresses a prior issue in Studio's upgrade process where it was erroneously validating the output against the previous version, causing complications for specific upgrades. To rectify this, Studio will now fetch the configuration and style schemas of the target app version during the upgrade. After the upgrade script is executed, the output will be validated against these fetched schemas. If validation fails, a different view is displayed for user review, and successful validation allows the upgrade output to be saved.

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