Kurtosys App v1.25.0

Release Notes

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Investment Reporting

Production Center - Completed Workflow Bulk Download Logic

  • A feature enhancement has been made that allows users to bulk download documents that have been selected in their Previous Runs using the Bulk Actions button. This allows users to only download the documents they require, rather than downloading all the approved documents. This enhancement specifically benefits SFO and SFI users, enhancing their workflow management.


Studio for InDesign (SFI)

SFI Conditional Columns

  • We have added the ability to hide a column from the Table Wizard when there is no data to display. This can be done by enabling the “Hide when Empty” checkbox on a column when you are configuring a Table in Studio for InDesign. Additionally, the width of a table can now be set from Studio for InDesign, and allow for specified columns to distribute across the available table width. There are different column width behaviours to choose from; Not Set inherits the column width from the InDesign table, Fixed sets the specified column width value, and Minimum which allows specifying a minimum width for the column and then the column will expand above that value to fill the available Table Width. It should be noted that to use the Minimum setting on a column, the Table Width needs to be specified, and when a Table Width is specified then the sum of all columns need to be less than the Table Width. Hiding a column and setting others to fill the allotted space for the table should allow for building more tables with the Table Wizard in Studio for InDesign, reducing the need for reverting to Flow to build tables.

Bug Fixes

Kurtosys App

Contacts - Contact Groups - Pagination Component Broken

  • A user was not able to navigate to the next page in the Contact Group list view within System Admin. A fix was implemented to ensure that the user can proceed to the next page when the page count exceeds 20.


Email Distribution - Distribution Center - Preview

  • When selecting the Email Distribution Module within the Kurtosys App, the user was unable to select the Preview button in the Distribution Center tab as well as in the Outbox Preview. A fix was implemented and tested that ensures that selecting the preview does not result in the page breaking and displays the email workflow details to the user.


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