Kurtosys App V1.26.0

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Migration from MUI v0 to MUI v4 for Enhanced Accessibility

  • The migration from Material-UI (MUI) version 0 to version 4 within the Kurtosys App has been successfully completed, targeting the enhancement of system accessibility per WCAG 2.2 standards. This significant update involved the comprehensive migration of various components, including date range pickers, buttons, input fields, faceted search mechanisms, field validation, tooltips, checkboxes, radial buttons, and dropdowns. The initiative aimed to remove all dependencies on the outdated MUI version, implementing MUI v4 components throughout the app to ensure a consistent and accessible user experience.

    Key improvements from this migration encompassed not only the functional aspects of these components but also visual and interaction enhancements such as colour contrast adjustments, icon updates, and the positioning, alignment, and padding of components to meet accessibility standards. By achieving this, the Kurtosys App now offers improved usability and accessibility, making it more intuitive and accessible to a wider range of users, including those with disabilities. This effort underscores our commitment to inclusivity and the continuous improvement of our digital environment, laying a solid foundation for future updates and features.

    **Note: You may observe subtle modifications in the user interface. We're currently tracking some minor UI concerns; however, these should not impede functionality.


Kurtosys App

Activity tracking for client administration

  • Activity tracking for client administration has been implemented, focusing on logging the creation, updating, and deletion of client instances to enhance operational oversight, compliance, and accountability. This new feature, aimed at administrative role users, supports the systematic recording of administrative activities, with provisions for extending tracking to include metadata for a detailed analysis of changes. By ensuring activities are logged both via UI and API the platform significantly boosts its transparency and operational integrity. This development marks an improvement in monitoring client instance management and lays the groundwork for future enhancements in data handling and activity tracking.

Bug Fixes

Kurtosys App

Previous Runs Dropdown Selection Issue in Document Production Centre UI

  • We've resolved a functional issue in the Document Production Centre's Previous Runs UI that affected dropdown selections, where clicking on whitespace inadvertently selected the last hovered-over workflow, especially problematic in run value selections. This fix ensures the dropdown dismisses without making unintended selections, enhancing user interaction without affecting other UI components. This update focused on improving usability and accuracy in selections.


SVG Upload and Download Functionality Restored

  • We've fixed a problem where SVG files uploaded to our platform were coming back empty when downloaded, due to our security measures stripping out the content by mistake. We've adjusted our security process to ensure that when you upload an SVG file, it stays just the way you uploaded it—content intact. Tests confirm that both uploading and downloading SVG files now work as expected, keeping the file's content unchanged. This update makes uploading and downloading SVGs straightforward and reliable for our users, balancing security with functionality.


Investment Reporting

Segmentation Lists Failure Due to Missing Culture Tags in Workflow Generations

  • Internally, we found a bug where workflows failed to generate documents if they lacked a "Culture" tag, especially when translations were required. By adding a "Culture" tag to segmentation lists, we could bypass this issue, as confirmed through extensive testing. This solution underscores the importance of the "Culture" tag for successful document generation with translations. Future fixes will include checks to ensure "Culture" tags are present in workflows, improving the process's reliability.

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  2. Complete the customer feedback survey emailed to you after each incident.

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Getting Help

If you encounter any issues, have questions, or require assistance related to this release, our dedicated support team is here to help. You can reach out for assistance through the following channels:

  1. Send an email to [email protected] for inquiries. Our support team will respond within regular business hours.

  2. Access our Support Portal at https://kurtosys.freshdesk.com/support/home for self-service resources, knowledge base articles, and the option to submit support tickets.

  3. Utilize our live chat feature https://help.kurtosys.com/support-live-chat/ on our website for real-time assistance from our support team.

We aim to ensure you receive the assistance you need promptly and efficiently. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help with any aspect of our software or services.