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Studio Performance Enhancements

  • We're excited to share a series of performance enhancements within the Studio module, specifically aimed at elevating user experience and system efficiency. Stemming from detailed user feedback and thorough analysis, these enhancements are focused solely on payload optimizations across various sections of the module. By reducing payload sizes, we aim to streamline workflows, accelerate load times, and maintain the intuitive interface our Studio users appreciate. The sections below outline the specific areas that have been optimized, describe the changes made, and highlight the benefits these enhancements bring to our valued users.

    Payload Optimizations Across the Studio Dashboard
    Significant efforts have been made to optimize payload sizes within the Studio Dashboard, focusing entirely on backend improvements to enhance system responsiveness. By minimizing the data load required for operations, users will notice quicker load times and a smoother configuration workflow, significantly boosting the overall experience within the Studio module without altering the user interface.

    Enhancements in Theme and Client Configurations
    The Themes and Client Configurations sections have undergone backend optimizations to improve load performance. These adjustments, aimed at reducing payload sizes, facilitate a more efficient and less complex configuration process. Users will benefit from these enhancements, experiencing faster interactions and a more streamlined process without any UI changes, thereby making their experience more productive.

    System Administration and App Details Configuration Improvements
    Payload reductions and backend optimizations in the Kurtosys App System Administration and the Studio App Details Configuration areas have been implemented. These changes are designed to enhance functionality and the experience without altering the user interface, enabling users with the necessary permissions to manage system settings and app details more seamlessly and swiftly, thanks to improved load times.

    These backend-driven improvements collectively aim to boost the efficiency and user-friendliness of the Studio module, aligning with our commitment to providing high-quality, responsive tools to our clients and users, all while maintaining the current user interface.



Kurtosys App

Enhanced Workflow Permissions with Client-Level Settings and Approval Group Checks

  • We're pleased to introduce two major updates to the Kurtosys App's workflow permissions, designed to enhance security and customization for administrators. The first update allows the restriction of workflow access at the client level, enabling administrators to specify which users can view or edit workflows, thus protecting sensitive processes. The second update involves the implementation of approval group checks, which ensure that users can only access workflows if they belong to the designated approval group for that workflow. These updates apply to crucial workflow management functionalities and are tested to work seamlessly, ensuring that authorized users can efficiently manage workflows without any disruptions.

    These enhancements significantly improve the workflow management experience within the Kurtosys App by providing a higher level of security and allowing for a more tailored approach to managing user permissions and access. Administrators now have greater control over who can access specific workflows, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure while simplifying the management process. This streamlined approach not only boosts operational efficiency but also aligns with our ongoing commitment to delivering robust, user-friendly workflow management solutions.

Bug Fixes

Kurtosys App

Optimization of Document Explorer's getEntityFilters Request

  • Improvements to speed up the time it takes for pages to load in the Document Explorer have been made, especially when you're looking for specific documents. Previously, users experienced wait times of over 30 seconds, which was far from ideal. Our team has worked hard to make sure that now, those pages load much faster, ideally in less than 5 seconds, without removing any of the useful features you rely on to find what you need. Tests show a significant speed boost, making the user experience much smoother and more efficient.


Investment Reporting

Document Hub Saved Search "X" Icon Restoration

  • A usability issue was identified in the Document Hub, where the "X" icon, enabling users to clear a selected saved search from the search bar, was missing, diverging from its functional presence in production. This regression, likely tied to recent updates in Material UI components, impedes efficient search management. The resolution involves investigating and rectifying the disappearance of the "X" icon to ensure it's visible and operational when a saved search is selected, thereby reinstating the feature's usability and consistency with production behavior. Restoring this functionality is essential for enhancing user experience and maintaining the platform's intuitive search management capabilities.

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