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Kurtosys App

  • Data Property Deletion
    • The Data Property Deletion feature allows administrators to securely and precisely delete unused or incorrect data properties from the Data Dictionary, ensuring data integrity and reducing administrative overhead. This feature enables targeted deletion of unused or incorrect Properties, Allocations, Statistics, Timeseries, Transactions, and Historical Datasets, maintaining a streamlined and accurate Data Dictionary. It includes clear instructions and confirmations for a smooth deletion process, ensuring a user-friendly interface. Compliance with global data protection regulations is upheld, ensuring secure data management. Only users with the 'ClientAdmin' role and relevant permissions can delete data properties, providing a secure and controlled data management environment.

      For more details, refer to the user guide on our Knowledge Base.

    • Frequently Asked Questions:

      • What if the data property is in use?
        The system will not allow the deletion of properties currently in use to prevent data integrity issues.

      • Can I delete Commentaries, Disclaimers, Cultures, Document Meta, Segmentation Tags, or Fund Manager properties?
        Not yet, but keep watching this space!

      • Is there an audit trail for deleted properties?
        Yes, each deletion is logged with details for compliance purposes.

Bug Fixes

Kurtosys App

  • Issues with Loading Contacts Manifest
    • We addressed issues with loading the contact manifest in the Kurtosys App, particularly the challenge of performing a bulk update for the first time. The solution involves segmenting the bulk import process into batches, preventing SQL insert errors and successfully handling up to 1500 contacts at a time. Contact validation was updated to accept email addresses without a Top-Level Domain, ensuring more lenient but still secure validation rules. Additionally, technical refinements included splitting API calls into smaller batches and considering concurrent execution of these batches.

  • Search Functionality Error in Segmentation Tool

    • We have resolved a bug in our segmentation tool, where users encountered a 400 error when searching for an included class, despite the function correctly filtering the class. This error was linked to property handling during searches. The issue has been thoroughly investigated and corrected, ensuring searches are processed smoothly without error messages. Users can now expect uninterrupted functionality when using the segmentation tool.


Investment Reporting

Studio for InDesign (SFI)

  • Element Node Port Functionality in SFI
    • We have successfully resolved an issue in SFI related to the functionality of element node ports, which previously led to inconsistent port ordering and potential mislinking when adding or removing ports. The fix ensures stable, sequential ordering and maintains the integrity of connections, preventing the creation of duplicate ports and ensuring that port deletions do not disrupt existing links. Rigorous testing confirmed the improved functionality, allowing up to 36 ports to be added without issues and verifying that links remain intact and correctly numbered even after ports are deleted. Users are advised to review any element nodes configured prior to this update to ensure compliance with the new functionality standards.


Studio for Office (SFO)

  • Issue Resolved with Generating SFO Documents

    • We have resolved a bug that prevented the successful generation of SFO documents, specifically Word templates with unstyled tables, in the Production Center. Adjustments to the document generation process now ensure that such templates are handled correctly, allowing for error-free document output. The resolution was thoroughly validated through several tests involving the creation and generation of both Word and Excel documents with unstyled tables. Users can now reliably generate documents without styles.

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