Studio Apps Pre-v4 November ’23

Release Notes

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New Features


Data Download - Document Download button
We have added a button that allows users to download a CSV document containing information from multiple tabs.



Filters - Checkbox focus
We have improved accessibility by adding keyboard support for the top filter dropdown's and implemented multi-select into the dropdown’s. We have also added search functionality into the dropdown and changed the sortActiveFirst behaviour to comply with accessibility guidelines.

Fund Center - Tab focus
When a user navigates the page using the tab key, the tab focus no longer moves to the entire main region. We’ve also ensured that when a user reaches the main region, the screen reader does not read the entire information.

Search bar:
- Clear Search button
The element "Clear search" is now a button that programmatically defines the function of the control. The button now has a default programmatic label of "clear search" that can be translated.
- Search Results
The screen reader now announces the number of search results when a user enters any search term in the search edit. This announcement will happen every time the count changes.

Table - Column sorting
We have improved accessibility by adding an attribute that indicates the sort order and an attribute with a relevant title that describes their function. These are both read by assistive technologies, such as screen readers.

Watchlist - Watchlist button
When navigating to the watchlist toggle button using a screen reader, it correctly announces the state of the button and count of watchlist items.


Document List Card - Conditional use of existing showSingleDocument feature
We have updated the showSingleDocument option where the user can specify which category should display as a dropdown containing the single document, instead of all the single documents displaying as a dropdown.

Bug Fixes


Browser Translations - "Load More" action caused the browser-translated Fund Center to disappear
We fixed an issue where viewing a foreign website and using the translation action that is available in most browsers, the entire Fund Centre would vanish once translated when the “Load More“ button was triggered.


Faceted Search
Our faceted search now offers enhanced capabilities to distinguish between entity data and document metadata within the search bar. This allows you to easily group entity data and document metadata within the search interface, making it easier to locate and manage the information you need.

The faceted search now seamlessly integrates with filters to enjoy a more tailored and efficient search experience. This exciting development enables you to refine your search results by initially searching for specific criteria and subsequently fine-tuning those results using the filters.


Document Priority Conditionality
We fixed an issue where if there are two documents, a factsheet (Investor) and a factsheet (Institutional) available in the document hub then the logic would allow for only one factsheet to download. When Document Priority conditionals are matched, it returns the correct document.

TABLE v1.17.0

Re-render based on an update to data context for queries
We fixed an issue that allows the footer disclaimer to be configured using historical datasets.

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