Studio Apps Pre-v4 March ’24

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Cookie Update Events
We can now post a message from the authentication app, at the same time we set the cookie or once we have received the ok status from the login request. The User Context app will pick this message up.

The user context app will listen for messages from the current login origin in the Authentication app and force the page to reload if the cookie has updated and only if the user has changed, comparing the state against what is currently in the cookie.


Commentary Text displayed as HTML when commentary is expanded vs collapsed
We have added the ability for users to configure an additional commentary for the collapsed and expanded state.

LINE CHART v1.20.0

Rebasing: Plotting a line chart from the inception date
Users can set the starting point of a line chart so that a line doesn't appear between zero and that starting point. This means that users can target a specific fund on a line chart series and set a start value or an inception date.

TABS v1.9.0

Accessibility - Broken ARIA reference
We improved accessibility to ensure the element referenced in the aria-labelledby attribute value is present within the page and presents a proper label or description.

Dynamic Inputs: URL Rewrite
We added the ability to use dynamic inputs to reconstruct the URL for different domains when the tab application is deployed.


Bug Fixes

APP MANAGER v1.6.2, GRID v1.6.1, and TABS v1.9.0

Synchronous App Loading
We fixed an issue where apps within a grid were not loading. The app manager would fire its event trigger for the apps to start initializing, but the scripts for the apps had not loaded yet.

LINE CHART v1.20.0

Y-axis Ticks
We fixed an issue where the formatting of the y-axis ticks would break when configuring 0 decimal places.

Center Tick Pivot Points calculated incorrectly
We fixed an issue where the zero pivot line did not stay in the center of the graph on all period selections for high-value data points.

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