DXM v1.1.19 – July 2021 Release


  • PHP v7.4.21
  • Nginx v1.20.1

New feature

Document Link within Text Editor

  • Ability to add an inline Document link (within the Text Editor) as part of this widget so that an inline link to a Document stored on the Document Hub can be added to a page
  • How to use this feature


  • Roll down tabs widget
    • Ability to search for a template
  • Replace Media functionality within Media Library
    • Fully operational so that all file types can be changed out and end user will see the most updated version as a new file path is used and replaced all over
  • “Back to WordPress Editor” button hidden for Elementor-type posts
    • This is to prevent the accidental selection of this button and undoing the Elementor-specific layout
  • Sharing > log reference added for successful shares
  • Logging > Additional backend logging added for templates