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Document Linking Widget

The Document linking widget will allow the user to link to a document from various sources. The sources of this document will include those stored in the Document Hub (within the Kurtosys App), a URL, or a Document that has been uploaded to the Media Library.


Before using this widget, there are 2 important items to note:

  • Activate this custom widget from Network Admin > Kurtosys Extensions. Remember to Save after activating the widget from the list view of widgets

  • If you want to link to documents stored in the Document Hub, you need to ensure your API key is added under Network Admin > Network Settings > Kurtosys API token.

    • The API token is the same one as used for API requests and you can discuss this with your Kurtosys Representative if you are unsure of where to obtain this API key. 
NOTE: You should add the “Document Admin role” which will bypass the entitlements for the API user. This way, you will be able to see all Documents from the Document Hub when searching for Documents in the Document Linking widget.

This will ensure you are able to use the widget and search for the Documents stored within the Document Hub.

How to use the Document Linking Widget

  1. Create / Edit a Page / Post in Elementor you need the Document linked to.
  2. Go to the list of widgets and search for “Document Link”.
  3. Drag and drop the widget onto the screen area on the right.
  4. Configure the widget as required.
  5. Save your Elementor page / post.
  6. Preview and publish as required.


Linking to a Document in the Document Hub

You can search all relevant Documents stored on the Document Hub on the same Client Instance via API. The faceted search will conduct a search on the various levels of meta information within the Document Hub (meta is custom setup by client). The results returned will be listed according to the levels of meta information set up. The WordPress Admin user can choose which document to link to.

Search and Select a specific Document:



Creating an Inline Document Link

  1. Click General, toggle on Add Document Link inline (Text Editor).

  1. Click Text Editor, add in the required text.
  2. Click your cursor in the appropriate place in the sentence for the document link to be placed.

  1. Select your Source (Document Hub) then select a document.

  1. Click Link and specify a label to be used for the document link.

  1. Click Update for a published post or use the up arrow to select Save Draft for a draft post.