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Introduction to Portals

Portals are designed to provide clients with secure online access to data and/or documents. They provide the user with a website experience but instead of using an attestation application for their data and document entitlements, the user’s login provides their entitlement specifications. This content could be marketing material, documents or fund information but is restricted and custom-filtered to entitled users only.

Portals can be used not just for supplying clients with secure documentation and marketing material, they can also empower clients by giving them access to their confidential or sensitive information using a secure login and password setup so they can access their funds and accounts. They can easily see account activity, fund data, investment related news and updates simply by clicking a few buttons.

An existing client-facing website can be easily transformed to a secure access, gated website using secure logins, SSO or Two-Factor Authentication giving clients a seamless transition from the one to the other.

Portals use 3 Kurtosys Apps to provide a user with secure logins and the ability to update their personal information:

  • the Authentication App which the client will use to log in with a secure password or register as a new user
  • the User Profile App which allows the client to update their information, name, email, and company or reset their password
  • the User Context App which displays the client’s name and the logout button

A specific role is set up in the client’s Kurtosys App instance to allow users access to Gated Content as well as, where required, entitlements to data and documents. This means different secure levels of access can be applied, for example a Client Portal User’s access compared with a Fund Manager or Relationship Manager’s User Access. Or a Primary Account Role compared with a Secondary Account User Role.

Document and Data Entitlements ensure that users only see content that is relevant and applicable to that specific user. These can be set at a fund or class specific level or customized according to specific needs.

The Apps, the Role security levels, and gated and entitled content can be applied to website posts and pages to ensure a smooth and secure user experience.