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What are Factsheets?

Factsheets are both the marketing documents of an asset management company, as well as the documents specified by jurisdictional regulations to be produced on a cyclical basis (either monthly or quarterly) for regularly updated information regarding Fund performance. They are designed to attract different kinds of investors based on the applicable funds or share classes. From the header at the start, to the final disclaimer at the end, they contain relevant, real-time information regarding a fund and its attached data relating to market performance.

Fact Sheets are composed using Adobe InDesign to create a Document Layout Template and are produced by Kurtosys to get a high-resolution PDF. Various reporting tools and business rules are used to present data that is easily readable and configurable to clients’ styling, branding, and compliancy requirements.

Kurtosys Studio apps embedded into pages, contain placeholders for data, supplied by clients as XML, CSV or JSON, which is then pulled through to the Fact Sheets using API calls to mass produce factsheets for multiple funds.

Many Asset Management companies are based in bilingual or even trilingual countries and therefore need to produce Fact Sheets in multiple languages as well as for multiple client-types, e.g. retail, professional, institutional, and foreign investors, and in multiple variations with client-provided data. Kurtosys technology supports the production of Factsheets in multiple languages.