System Admin


Assigning Custom (User Level) Entitlements

Data Entitlement Lists

A client will usually have many Users who need access to data but with different access permissions based on their roles or data requirements.  Assigning a Data Entitlement List that was created at a Client level allows for the specification of the Type of data a group of Users with the same needs would require, rather than giving each individual User the same entitlements at an individual level.

Assigning Data Entitlement Lists

Use the Settings cog to access the System Administration Toolset.

Assigning Custom (User Level) Entitlements

Some individual Users may have very specific data entitlement needs. It is possible to give these Users Custom Entitlements, or a combination of Entitlement Lists with Custom Entitlements.


  1. In the User Options | Data Entitlement screen, in the Custom Entitlements pane, start typing in the Included Funds field and/or the Included Classes field to see options for selection.


You can also click the checkboxes next to the Entitlement Lists if required.


  1. Click Save. A green successful task pop up bar will be displayed across the bottom of the screen.