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The Sharing feature allows a user to create content on one site and then share it to other sites. This means a user does not have to recreate similar content on the other sites which saves time.

Sharing is done for the following:

  • Posts (manually selected by the user)
  • Templates (automatic)
  • Media (automatic)

Table of Contents

Post Sharing


Content is usually created for very specific audiences, but there are a lot of audiences, sometimes as many as 70 or 80 different audiences (based on country-language-investor combinations) and there is shared content between them. Some articles are only for Institutional Investors, others for Intermediary.

On top of the specific content for specific investors, it makes the job of site implementation teams so much more efficient if they can set up a dynamic-enough page to display similar information across multiple sites, e.g. About us pages, Fund Centers, and Homepages.


After you create content in a post (post/page/custom post type), you can then select site(s) with which to share it.

Sharing is triggered by one of the following actions:

  • Selecting specific sites in the Sharing menu and then choosing Bulk Actions to Share:

  • Selecting the Share icon next to the site name:

After updates have been made to your original post, and you are currently sharing that post to a specific set of other sites, a re-share is initiated by clicking Update or Save Draft at the top right in the post Edit view:

This will share out the master changes and updates to the currently shared sites again.


Sharing Includes

  • Elementor data (layout) 
  • All the Post Meta details (SEO details, publish status, slug, tags, post expiry date, excerpt, taxonomies, featured image, etc.)

Dynamic Data

You can introduce a level of Dynamic Data by using the Elementor widget’s Dynamic Tags functionality. Most widgets within Elementor have a small icon where you can define and link to Dynamic Tags:

Scroll down the list to find Kurtosys Engine > Option:

This will list various values defined as part of the specific site’s Engine Option values.

Template Sharing


Auto sharing of templates ensures that all templates exist in all sites. A lot of pages and posts are template driven and rely on templates to exist on the site where the posts are shared.


Template sharing is triggered by:

  • Clicking the Update button in Elementor

Note: The Post Edit view of a template does NOT share the template changes (we do not share any of these details throughout Templates). Sharing is only initiated within the Elementor view as we share the Elementor data (layout). 

Sharing Includes

  • Almost all Elementor data (Display conditions are excluded)
Note 1: Even though the Display Conditions are set in Elementor, these are NOT shared to other sites.
Note 2: Dynamic Tags are also very useful in Templates so you can display site-specific data.

Media Sharing


To ensure that all Media elements exist in all sites and are available when sharing a post or setting up a new site. This also ensures that the Replace Media button can action the changes correctly.


Automatic sharing is triggered when uploading a new Media item through one of the following:

  • Media Library direct upload
  • Upload through an Elementor widget
Note: You can also delete across all sites when you delete one Media item.

Sharing Includes

  • The Media item, as well as,
  • The Media item’s Meta details (alt text, description, etc.).

Sharing Tips & Tricks

  • If you need to share hierarchical pages, make sure to share from the top down. The top level page should be shared first, e.g. “About Us”. Then the subpages under it, e.g. “About us – Our clients”. If you have a third level page, it should be shared last. You won’t be able to share a child page without having the parent page in place to link it.
  • If you create a new site, all Templates and Media items are auto-shared to the new site. (This feature was implemented mid 2021. Sites created before this time might require manual sharing of Templates & Media which were not shared by another mechanism.)
  • You can share just about anything, as anything is considered to be a Post in WordPress. However, widgets such as Listings, Filters, and the “setup” elements of each site, will not always share automatically and should rather be manually shared.
  • Sharing to the same group of sites can be made easier by using the Site Grouping feature to logically group your sites.