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Managed vs Self-Managed Document Production

Client Document Production relates to the providing of data to Kurtosys to populate documents for production. Production can be Managed or Self-Managed.


Where a client chooses Managed Document Production, the client provides the data to Kurtosys, and Kurtosys then manages the production of the documents for them using the provided data. Data needs to be in a structure that is consumable by the Kurtosys App. Although clients send data as XML, CSV, Excel, etc., before this data can be consumed, it must be transformed into a JSON file, Kurtosys uses ETL loaders to do this. Kurtosys uses loaders to do this.

The majority of clients subscribe to Managed Document Production services.


Where a client requests Self-Managed Document Production, they convert their own data to files that are consumable by the Kurtosys App and produce their own documents using the Document Production Center.