System Admin


Do I need to set up Commentaries and Disclaimers to use in the Fund Center?

Before using Commentary and Disclaimer content in Fund Center there are some setup steps to go through.

  1. In Data | Approval Groups, create Approval Group(s) which include users allowed to authorize content for the Fund Center.

  1. In System AdministrationData Dictionary, create a Commentary type for content to be used on the login page, and assign the Approval group created in step 1.

  1. In System Administration | Data Dictionary, create Disclaimer types for disclaimers to be used in the Fund Center, and assign the Approval group created in step 1.

Commentaries and Disclaimers do not need to be linked to an entity or segmentation list for use in Fund Center. Once set up, the Commentaries and Disclaimers can be linked to multiple levels in the Fund Center by adding the commentary/disclaimer type in the appConfig.json file.