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Translation Approvals

Translation Approvals is a useful feature for large corporations where final approval is required before a translated post can be published to a company’s live site. A list of Approvers can be created and then the approvers can log in, review the work, and either publish or return the posts to be amended, as required.

Translation Approval Setup

  1. Browse to My Sites then click Network Admin (not all users will have access to the Network Admin site).
  2. Hover over Kurtosys Features, then select Translations.
  1. Toggle on Translations Approval required before Share.
  2. Scroll down to set up applicable Translation Approvers for each language.
  3. Click SAVE.
Note: Approvers do not need to be Translator Users, but they do need to be WordPress Users. Multiple Users can be associated with each Language.

Request Approval for a Translation

The translator who has been assigned the post will complete the translation for it, the status of the post will update to Ready for approval.

  1. To request approval return to the Translations Edit screen by clicking the pencil icon next to the specific translation or check the box next to the appropriate translation and click EDIT  TRANSLATIONS.
  2. Click the Request Approval button. An approval request email will be sent to the assigned approver.
  1. Click GOT IT on the Sent for Approval pop up.
  2. The translation status will update to Approval requested.
Note: After the Translator User has requested approval, they will no longer be able to make further edits, they will only be able to preview the translation.
  1. The approver will receive an email notifying them that there’s a post waiting for translation approval. The email will state the post name and the language for approval, and contains a link that can be followed. 
  2. The Approver either accepts or rejects the translation.
  1. If the translation is rejected, a rejection reason should be entered.
  2. The Translator User will receive an email with the rejection reason and a link to the post which they can then follow to make the required amendments. The translation post will be editable.
  1. If the translation is approved, the Translator User will receive an email notifying them of this with a link to the post.
  2. The post status will be updated to Ready to share, click Update.

Approval Reminders

An Approval Reminder can be sent to remind an Approver that their approval is required for a translated post.

  1. Click Translations in the left menu pane.
  2. Select the posts which need reminders sent out.
  3. Click BULK ACTIONS.
  4. Use the dropdown to select Remind Translators & Approvers.
  1. Click SURE, SEND IT on the pop up.
  2. Approvers will receive an email reminding them that there are translations waiting for approval. They can follow the link in the reminder email to the post where they can approve or reject the post.