System Admin


Data Entitlement Lists – Editing

  1. Click the System Administration cog.
  2. Click Clients then the Client name.
  3. Click Data Entitlements Lists to see available Data Entitlement Lists.
  4. Click on the List Name to open the Edit List pane.

  1. Edit the List Type and/or remove or add Items.
Note: the List Name cannot be edited.

Edit the List Type:

    1. Use the dropdown arrow next to List Type to select a different entity type.
Note: If your list is named so as to refer to a specific Entity type, rather add a new Data Entitlement list.

Add Items

    1. Start typing into the items field to see what is available that relates to the entity type.
    2. Click to make your selection.

Delete an item

    1. Hover over the linked items to display details.
    2. Click the X to delete.



  1. After any of these actions, click Save to finish.