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Can I re-distribute my documents from the Production Centre?

Documents generated in the Production Centre can be re-distributed. Completed Documents within In Progress/Previous Runs workflows can be sent for distribution again. 

Note: This requires the Distribution method for that workflow to have been set up prior to the workflow kicking off.  Don't know how to set up a Distribution method? Learn how

How to re-distribute documents: 

  1. In the Documents module
  2. Click Document Production Centre.
  3. Select a workflow from the list where there are completed documents which have gone through the Workflow.
  4. Click Completed to view the list of documents.
  5. Select documents to re-distribute using the method already set up for this Workflow (last column in this view).
Note: This will redistribute all the documents from this completed workflow using the distribution mechanism presented in the table. The user does not necessarily have to select documents to re-distribute, all documents will be sent.