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Communities is the widget used for allowing users with specific roles to access gated content – pages and/or posts – within a website.

A single role or multiple roles can be created depending on the authorization levels and access required.

Note: Communities must be activated on the main site from Network Admin.

  1. Select the Site Dashboard to apply Communities settings. Hover over My Sites > NameOfSite > click Dashboard

  1. Scroll down then click Communities in the navigation pane.

This will open the Communities Configuration screen.

Communities Configuration

  • Users: This allows for the selection of any user roles which have been created for this client instance
  • Authentication and Authorisation: URL redirects for users who don’t have the required role or who have not yet logged in
  • Bulk Restrictions: Specify which page and/or post types are part of the Gated Content.
  1. Use the dropdown arrow next to Roles to select the roles which will be allowed to access Gated Content. Multiple roles may be selected.

For this example, select Portal User.

  1. Use the link from a “Not logged in” page to paste into the Unauthenticated Access Redirect.
  2. Use the link from a “Contact Administrator” page for the Incorrect Role Redirect.

  1. Use the dropdown arrow next to Content Types to choose Post or Page Types to restrict.
Note: if there are specific pages or posts within the above types that should not be restricted, this must be set manually on the individual page/post.

  1. Click Save.

A success notification will display at the bottom of the page.