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Adding Taxonomies to Generated Product Pages

The Product Page Generator generates Fund Pages in WordPress based on Segmentation lists created in the Kurtosys App. However, these generated pages do not have any WordPress taxonomies or categories associated with them and therefore cannot be utilized to their full capacity in searches or listing grids.

Use the following setup in WordPress so that Fund Pages can be linked to other widgets and additional functionality can be used. 

Create a Custom Taxonomy

  1. In WordPress, hover over My Sites, then click on your selected site.
  2. Scroll down to hover over Engine in the menu, then click Taxonomies.
  1. Click Add New.
  2. Enter a Taxonomy Name.
  3. Tab to the next field, the Taxonomy Slug will populate automatically.
  4. Enter the Post Type, in this case Fund Pages (and any other post types that should be included).
  5. Under Advanced settings, toggle on Hierarchical, this will allow you to select checkboxes instead of manually typing them when adding tags to your post. 
  6. Click Add Taxonomy.

Add Tags to Taxonomy

  1. The new taxonomy is now available to select when hovering over the Fund Pages custom post type in the menu.
  2. Add Tags to associate with the taxonomy, Name, Slug, then click Add New Tag. (Tags can also be added when assigning the taxonomy to the fund page.)

Assign the Taxonomy to Fund Pages

  1. Click the Fund Pages custom post type.
  2. Multi-select the pages to be assigned.
  3. From the Bulk Actions menu, use the dropdown to select Edit, then click Apply.
  4. Select the checkboxes for the applicable tags (checkboxes are available if the Taxonomy has been set up as hierarchical), or enter tags to be used.
  5. Click Update. The selected taxonomies will be visible in the post Edit screen.