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How to view and manage Commentaries

How to view and manage Commentaries

The Kurtosys platform acts like an enterprise content management system, storing not only data and documents, but also snippets of pertinent text such as fund commentaries. Kurtosys allows you to author, edit and publish your commentaries in multiple languages seamlessly into your websites, documents and fund widgets. Approval groups allow you to interface with your compliance team and version history gives you valuable audit control.

How to view the commentaries managed in Data

All commentary data is managed within the Commentaries module in Data.

Users can view the full list of commentaries by navigating through the panel on the left.

View the details pertaining to a specific commentary by selecting the listed commentary.

Users are able to view the commentary details that have been published and compare this to what is currently in the draft version by switching between the two views.

Users are also able to view commentaries for different cultures.

How to view changes made to commentaries

Users can view all updates to a commentary by selecting the version history panel on the right.

The version history allows the user to select a previous version of the commentary and view the commentary details at that point in time.

How to publish a draft version of a commentary

1. Edit and Save Draft.

2. Submit for approval.

3. A user assigned to the Approval Group needs to Approve the draft.

4. Publish draft.

Note: if the draft submitted is rejected by the approval group user, the user will need to edit, save and submit again.