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Master Templates

To efficiently use DXM Translations or apply DXM Workflow to templates ready for translation, WordPress users require a centralized space from which to manage their templates.

As Templates in DXM WordPress are auto shared, it is important to indicate which template is the Master Template and which site hosts it before applying functionality such as DXM Translations or DXM Workflows.

Master Template functionality in Sharing allows a user to specify which site will host the Master version of a template.

Table of Contents

Activate Master Templates

  1. Go to My Sites | Network Admin | Sharing settings.
  2. Scroll down to Master Templates and click Enable.
  3. Choose a site to host the masters of the existing templates in DXM WordPress (you can change these at a later stage).
  1. Click Assign Master
  2. Master Templates will display as Enabled and you can view your Master templates on the selected site.

Templates tab

  1. Go to the site you selected to host your Master Templates.
  2. Navigate using the left hand menu to Templates.
  3. Select any template from the list
  4. Click Edit on the applicable post item to view the list of sites with a Shared status or click Edit with Elementor to edit the template.
  5. You can edit or update; any changes will auto-share to other sites.

Transfer Master to a different site

  1. In order to change control of a specific template to a different site, use the Transfer Master icon (up down arrow).
  2. Use the dropdown to select a new master site for the template.
  2. A process will run in the background and the page will refresh to display the Non-Master view of the template (as the Master view will be on a different site).

Non-Master templates

Click Edit on a shared (non-master) post. The options displayed are different to those on a Master template. 

  • To edit the conditionals for when the template is used for that site (applies to Theme and Page templates), click Edit Display Conditions
Note: The above does not apply to Section templates.
  • To navigate to the Master Template, select the pencil icon in the green highlighted Sharing row or click the hyperlink.
Note: If you click Edit Display Conditions, the user is warned that changes are not allowed to the content. From this pop-up, choose either to continue with Edit Display Conditions or Go to Master (which will take the user to the Elementor Edit view of the Master Template where and from there, the user can Edit with Elementor).